Custom Meta Models

Custom Meta ModelsA Meta Model defines the elements that can be used to build models together with the connectors between them. Specifically, a set of rules which defines what elements can be used on which diagram and which connectors are valid between pairs of elements.

In addition a look and feel can be applied to elements and connectors in addition to data that can be captured for each element and connector.

The benefit this brings to an organisation is that models can be constructed that conform precisely to that organisations modeling requirements.

Enterprise Architect has a powerful technology known as MDG which allows the specification of these custom models. Our consultants will work with an organisation to define their requirements, implement the meta model as an Enterprise Architect MDG and provide documentation on how that organisation can maintain the meta model.

Meta Model Development

Typically working from a client supplied meta model presented and analysed during a workshop between Dunstan Thomas Consulting and the client, Dunstan Thomas Consulting can provide the development services to implement this metamodel including:

  • Element properties via the use of tagged values
  • Element / Relationship appearance via the use of Shapescripts
  • Relationship rules via diagram quicklink
  • Diagrams and Viewpoints
  • Toolboxes
  • Diagram Patterns

The deliverables for MDG Development are typically:

  • The MDG as an XML file
  • Presentation to the Client of the completed MDG
  • Full documentation of the MDG, how to distribute the MDG to all EA users

Model Driven Generation Extensions

There are a range of pre-built MDG extensions available from Sparx Systems

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