Custom Tooling for Enterprise Architect

Dunstan Thomas provide development services for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect that extend the functionality of this award winning tool.

Scripts to Aid Productivity

Custom Tooling for Enterprise ArchitectThe starting point for script development is usually via a client request who has identified procedures or workflows with EA that could be automated via the use of scripts. These procedures or workflows would be presented and discussed during a workshop between Dunstan Thomas and the client. Dunstan Thomas would then develop the script and all accompanying documentation.

The script would be demonstrated to the client during a workshop after which any modifications to the script identified in the workshop would be implemented.

Such scripts can be, but not limited to:

  • Creation of model repository structures
  • Changes to the properties to all elements within a selection
  • Re-organisation of diagram layout
  • Creating / validation of parent-child relationships
  • Export / Import to / from CSV files for elements, their attributes and relationships
  • Model validation

Custom Documentation Templates

Commencing with a workshop to discover the client’s documentation requirements and to gather examples of the documents to be produced, Dunstan Thomas would design and develop all custom Templates, Styles and Cover Pages for HTML or DOCX/PDF publication. For the DOCX/PDF publication Dunstan Thomas would also develop and Scripts or SQL Queries that maybe necessary to drive the templates.

Dunstan Thomas can also develop scripts that automate the publication to HTML, DOCX/PDF.

The deliverables would be:

  • All templates for HTML, DOCX/PDF publication
  • The necessary Master / Model document repository structure necessary for DOCX/PDF publication
  • If required the script(s) used to automate the publication of models
  • User Guide for the installation of the templates and how to publish the model using the templates

Model Add-ins

The development of a custom Add-in for EA is a full scale development project and would commence with a workshop (or workshops) to elicit the client’s requirements. These requirements would be documented and presented back to the client, and once total agreement on these requirements has been obtained, then development using Agile methods would begin.

The deliverables would be:

  • An installer for the add-in
  • A detailed user guide for the installation and use of the add-in
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