Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect; the Practicalities

Dunstan Thomas
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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect; the Practicalities is a training course focused on the issues common to all team members and provides a solid practical foundation in the use of this modelling tool.

This is an entry level course designed to provide a knowledge base on the practical use of Enterprise Architect.

Course Details

Duration: 1 Day

Prerequisites: There are no knowledge prerequisites for this training course. Participants will need access to an instance of Enterprise Architect.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Enterprise Architect:
    • Describe the main features of Enterprise Architect and its editions
    • Describe The concept of repositories in Enterprise Architect;
      • Working with repositories
      • Structure of repositories
    • Provide an overview of version control with Enterprise Architect
  • Configuring Enterprise Architect:
    • The workspace arrangement of the window views
    • The Perspectives that are loaded and hence active
    • Global options for;
      • Diagrams
      • Objects
      • Links
Although configuration is somewhat a matter of personal taste, the following are recommendations and best practices which all team members should conform to.
  • Working with Enterprise Architect:
    • Creating / Opening Projects
    • Basic Modelling Activities:
      • Creating a repository structure (adding model roots, views and packages)
      • Managing settings for the repository
      • Adding elements directly to the repository
      • Setting the Properties of elements
      • Using the Notes Property including spell check and glossary
      • Using Linked Documents
      • Adding diagrams directly to the repository
      • Using the diagram toolbox
      • Using the diagram quick link to create relationships between elements
      • Using alignment and sizing tools
      • Re-using elements on multiple diagrams
      • Copying elements that are present on a diagram
      • Changing the style of a connector
      • Setting the properties of connectors
      • Setting the properties of a diagram that affect its appearance
      • Setting the properties of a diagram that affect the appearance of elements and connectors on that diagram
      • Creating Composite Elements
      • Using Rectangle Notation for elements that support it
      • Deleting elements from a diagram
      • Deleting elements from the model repository
      • Using the Relationship Matrix

How do I book this course?

If you would to book the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect; the Practicalities training course,
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