Getting the best out of an MDG

Presented by Phil Chudley at the EA Global Summit

At the start of June 2020 the first online EA Global Summit was held with fantastic free content from experts across the globe. The event had a host of attendees and presenters hailing from Europe, UK, Australia, India and North America.

Phil Chudley, Principal Consultant at Dunstan Thomas, has been sharing his expertise with the Enterprise Architect user community for the last 15 years. For this event he decided to hold a session on how to get the most of out Model Driven Generator (MDG) Technology in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.


  • The best approach when designing and developing an MDG
  • Should an existing Metamodel be extended or is it better to start from scratch?
  • Common traps / pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Tricks with Shapescripts
  • Implementing Quicklink rules using Stereotype relationships and meta-constraints
  • Filtering a MetaModel using View Specifications


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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect provides modelling extensions to supplement UML through a technology known as Model Driven Generator or MDG. Tools are provided in Enterprise Architect for experienced users to develop their own metamodels either from scratch or based upon an existing one such as ArchiMate, or BPMN.

Dunstan Thomas Consulting offer a one day workshop providing attendees with a practical experience of the tasks required to build a typical MDG …read more

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