BPMN Generator for Enterprise Architect

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect has the functionality to create diagrams directly from Use Case textual scenarios, the most common of which is termed an Activity Graph. This Activity Graph is a simplified form of UML Activity Diagram. This works well, but many organisations have, or are in the process of, standardising the modelling of process flows using BPMN 2.0, and this form of diagram is not supported by Enterprise Architect.

The BPMN Generator extension for Enterprise Architect has been developed by Dunstan Thomas Consulting Ltd to provide the functionality to generate a BPMN 2.0 process flow diagram from Use Case textual scenarios. A typical example is shown below:

Textual Scenario for the Basic Path

BPMN Generator
BPMN Generator - basic path

Textual Scenario for the Alternate Path

BPMN Generator - alternate path

Generated BPMN 2.0 Diagram

BPMN Generator - generated diagram

License Editions

The Standard Edition also provides the modeller with options to set:

  • The top margin of the generated diagram.
  • The left margin of the generated diagram.
  • The default height of each task.
  • The adjustment height of each task (used to ensure that text fits in a task).
  • Whether or not a new diagram and elements will be generated rather than overwrite any existing diagram and elements.

The Extended Edition has all the functionality listed above but allows multiple diagrams to be generated. The Generator will display a list of use cases from:

  • The repository.
  • A selected package.
  • A use case diagram.

The user can then select one or more of these use cases to generate BPMN diagrams.

Watch the video below to see the BPMN Generator in action:

The BPMN Generator is available from Dunstan Thomas at:

  • £85.00 +Vat per license for standard edition.
  • £150.00 +Vat per license for extended edition.

If you would like additional information or to purchase licenses for the BPMN Generator then please contact us:

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