Enterprise Architect SaaS

Enterprise Architect SaaS, or”EA SaaS”, is the Cloud based version of the Sparx Systems’ modelling tool, Enterprise Architect. Enterprise Architect (EA) supports a range of modelling frameworks and is the tool of choice for nearly one-million users across the world. EA is known for its ability to support collaborative modeling and the Enterprise Architect SaaS offering improves that offering and allows your teams to start modelling without any operational overheads.

Traditionally, Enterprise Architect is expected to be setup on the end users’ machine and connect to a remote database. This requires a significant effort in terms of provision of infrastructure, setup and maintenance of software and databases.

However, with more teams moving to a “Cloud First” strategy, the Enterprise Architect SaaS offering is providing a sold alternative to the traditional On Premises setup.


How do I get started with Enterprise Architect SaaS?

To enable collaborative modeling using Enterprise Architect over a central repository and distributed modeling, teams have to choose a suitable edition of EA SaaS and an appropriate EA Infrastructure.

EA SaaS is the service that renders the Sparx EA application on a web browser. The EA Infrastructure is the central repository along with all other infrastructure setup such as Floating License Manager, Pro Cloud Server, remote https access, etc.

The Enterprise Architect SaaS Equation

Who needs this service?

Much like Enterprise Architect, EA SaaS is suitable for small to large teams with the capacity to be scaled up when required. The flexible deployment options make it easy for anyone to make their modelling life easier by using EA SaaS.

EA SaaS Deployment Options

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on (SSO) is a user authentication tool that enables users to securely access multiple applications and services using just one set of credentials.

An Enterprise SSO Implementation takes into consideration:

  • Corporate Security – Password policies
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) implemented at the SSO layer
  • Joiner, Leaver process – all users are managed centrally in the SSO setup
  • Access Controls and Restrictions – Group-level policies set at the Enterprise level to ensure Role Based Access Control
EA SaaS: Single Sign-On

Need a quote for EA SaaS?

Should you need a quote for the EA SaaS service,
do not hesitate to contact the Dunstan Thomas team!

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