LemonTree by LieberLieber

The No. 1 model versioning tool for distributed teams

LemonTree is the the revolutionary diff & merge tool, from LieberLieber, for model-based development projects in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

The LemonTree Product Family


Managing different versions of the same model. LemonTree is the Plug & Play model versioning tool (Diff & Merge) that revolutionizes the work of a distributed modeling team and supports compliance with required standards such as ISO 26262.


LemonTree Automation is a server-based version of LemonTree without user interface. This LemonTree version can automatically compare or merge models. When merging, it will try to automatically merge a given set of models and indicate the success via an exit code.


LemonTree.Connect allows users to synchronize requirements, model attributes, and links and references between ALM Tools and Enterprise Architect. This makes it even easier to navigate back and forth between two platforms while the development data is automatically synchronized.

Why use LemonTree when EA can handle versioning?

  • In Enterprise Architect, before working with versioning, the model must be locked on the package level before it can be edited. LemonTree is more flexible and offers other ways to handle the targeted merging of changes. Using the approach of “optimistic versioning”, LemonTree allows parallel editing of models by a team of developers, which are then subsequent merged. All changes are presented to the user in an intuitive, easy-to-understand fashion, whereby the user can decide which changes are relevant for display.
  • The impact analysis shows changes in elements and their dependencies in advance in order to clearly see the relationships in the model. Before the automatic merging of the versions can be started, the user is presented with a preview of how the model will look after the merging process.
  • LemonTree includes a native option to integrate with version-control systems (VCS) such as SVN, Git or MKS/PTC, which is also why all of the features offered by popular clients (e.g. Tortoise) can be used for the models. (You can experience these features for yourself using SVN with the test version.)
  • Last, but not least, comparing versions is much faster than in Enterprise Architect.

Do I need LemonTree?

  • This product is for companies that work on development projects with Enterprise Architect in distributed teams.
  • With this tool, any team member can see right away who has edited an element in a model, and when changes were made.
  • It enables the development of multiple parallel branches of a systems in order to target and merge individual model features.
  • It makes it easier to work with safety standards.
  • It allows models to have the same lifecycle as other artifacts (e.g. software) which can now be stored and versioned parallel to the source code.

LemonTree Live Web Demo

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